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Why I Love Online Shopping!

So we have a beach vacation coming up for Spring Break and we've had to do some shopping. I now remember why I don't like shopping at stores anymore... My husband is 6'3 and shopping for decent length shorts has been so difficult. First of all traffic in Houston is terrible all day, every day with the addition of construction on every street in the city. I then couldn't find parking because it was lunch hour so I had to circle around and stalk people who were walking to their cars. Walked around the store and didn't find what I needed which was fine because the lines to check out were super long. 

I then remembered why I love shopping online and am so glad that I did all of my shopping online. I'd much rather sit at home comfortably and browse clothing on my computer or phone. I usually don't try on things in the stores so not being able to try things on does not bother me.  I try my best to accurately describe the fit all of our clothing items so that my customers can have a good idea of sizing and quality. For the spring collection, I have chosen items that can be worn in a variety of ways- with jeans, shorts, casual everyday or dressed up for a night out. I will start posting items styled in various ways to help customers see the versatility of the clothing. Be sure to check out the Shopping In The AM on Pinterest! 

Happy shopping!  

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