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Transition into Fall


It’s finally fall! It’s been a hot summer in Texas so the cooler weather is much appreciated. Not only do I love the fall weather but I also love fall outfits. When choosing items for the boutique I always try to make sure that the pieces are versatile so my customers can wear them year round.
Jumpsuits were one of my favorite outfits this summer so I would love to carry them over into the fall. One of the easiest ways is by adding a jacket, cardigan, blazer, or long sleeve button down top, pair it with booties and you are set!

I have two plaid button down tops that will be available online soon. I love these because you can create several outfits. The tops can be worn with jeans and boots, booties, or sneakers. For colder weather, layer a thick cardigan over the plaid top. These tops are also great for layering over a summer dress, top, or jumpsuit. In the picture, I’ve layered the top over our burgundy sleeveless dress. The burgundy dress is stretchy and very comfortable. If you don’t like the look of the tied top, you can always add a long cardigan.

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