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Holiday Market

I had my first holiday market this past Saturday and wanted to share the experience! It was an unreasonably hot October day with a chance of rain. The good thing was the cloud coverage would cool the heat for a bit but as soon as the clouds moved, the heat was back. I really think the weather deterred people from coming out. The ladies in the neighboring booth said the turn out was less than the last market they had at the same place. They said markets have been slow since the hurricane. Overall, we had sales so it turned out to be a good event. Of course, it's difficult to sell sweaters and scarves when people are sweating while they shop! Hopefully now that the weather has cooled down the fall items will be more popular. 

My only concern from the market is that I greeted people when they would stop by but I tend to let them shop in peace, only because that's my personal preference when I shop. Maybe people prefer more interactions with the seller?

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