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Quality Over Quantity

I have been anxiously waiting for the fall weather to arrive in Texas so I recently placed an order for fall items. I was so disappointed when the items arrived last week because several of them were not quality items. Being a newer boutique means trial and error with vendors. I do my research beforehand and am part of several boutique owner groups where information is shared on vendors but every boutique is different so opinions vary on which vendors offer quality items. I want to make sure that you, my customers, receive items that you'll love. I try as much as possible to order items made in the US but many items are imported which is why it's important to find a reputable vendor. When I order imported items, rest assured that I have researched the vendor. I just placed a huge order this week for more fall items! These are brands that are carried in major known department stores so I'm excited to add them to my boutique. Can't wait to add all the new inventory!

I will also be adding hand made organic bath bombs, scrubs, and soaps soon so stay tuned!

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